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Isolated grounding (IG) is a technique often used with sensitive electronic equipment to reduce common mode noise. IG insulates the grounding of the sensitive load equipment from the conduit and raceway grounding system and controls the connection to the power grounding system. Thus, ground potential shifts due to stray ground currents flowing in the conduit system are eliminated, and raceways and conduits provide EMI/RFI shielding. IG is sometimes misinterpreted to mean a separate "isolated" ground for the sensitive load, and configurations based on this interpretation are usually unsafe and in conflict with National Electrical Code requirements. If currents induced in the isolated load equipment ground are allowed to flow over data, communication, and control cabling, IG wiring may actually contribute to inductively coupled common mode noise when applied to circuits that have interconnected load equipment.

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ups.gif Whether you own a home-based business, or a fully networked system, your data is critical, and your power supply is subject to fluctuations in quality and voltage. An Uninterrutible Power Supply not only protects your equipment from dangerous surges, it can also "clean" the power, ensuring compatibility with all systems. cabinet.gif



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